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Lezrod - "Exploraciones sonoras de paisajes surreales y espacios infinitos" (Test Tube, 2006)

Aqui fica o texto que escrevi para o mais recente lançamento de Lezrod na netlabel portuguesa Test Tube. Este EP pode-se obter aqui. Vale bem a pena.

«Biosphere based his last work on the novel "De la Terre à la Lune", written by Jules Verne. He gave us the sounds of travelling into space, and the breathtaking silence of contemplating earth from the moon. Had David Velez, in his Lezrod disguise, inspired himself in the works of Jules Verne for this release, and I would say that he was showing us around the mighty submarine Nautilus, and then taking us in a guided journey through the deep sea.
Is the name "Submar" an abreviation for Submarine? Only David will know for sure. But in this first piece, everything is dark. Sounds that could almost be labeled industrial group together and are splintered with samples of water moving. Almost no rhythm, apart from the waves of static and the flow and ebb of distant echoes of dark sounds. A gloomy landscape, with the conforting melancholy that only Lezrod can achieve.
The song "Asiv" really gives the listener the impression of being underwater. The bleeps seem sampled off a sonar, the static and electricity that run through all its 18 minutes of duration could very well be the soft humming of the Nautilus' engine room, whose motors ran on an electric power source, as imagined by the brilliant Jules Verne.
Lezrod continues in the line of his previous releases for Test Tube and Zymogen. Except that his sound is getting thicker and more intense. A listener that know his previous work will certainly guess who's behind the wheel here, but in this release, he no longer lets clicks'n'cuts have so much focus, preferring to bring into the light some field recordings, carefully controlled noise drones, static, slow broken rhythms that only start to make sense after a few listens, ambients (aquatic, i stress once again) that seem to flow like waves, and so many more layers of sound. Lezrod's sound is getting more difficult, but more rewarding in equal proportion.
The title says it all: sonic explorations of surreal landscapes and infinite spaces. This is the best description one could give.

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