sexta-feira, novembro 18, 2005

Noticia do Dia! This Heat reeditados!


THE BOX will contain all the released material, newly re-mastered (This Heat, Deceit, Made Available, Repeat, Health and Efficiency, PLUS a CD of unreleased material selected and re-mastered by Charles Hayward & Charles Bullen, PLUS a fat book of interviews, articles, photograph, memorabilia and documents that trace the history and contextualise work of the group.

For subscribers only, this will be a numbered edition and will come with an extra subscription item. The box is projected for the group’s 30th anniversary on February 13, 2006. Or soon thereafter. Subscribe now and you will receive the re-mastered version of the first record ‘This Heat’ (Blue and Yellow) in December, and the rest of the box as soon as it is ready.

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