segunda-feira, junho 19, 2006

Infinite Territory

Victor Afonso is a portuguese musician living in Guarda, a city lying near Serra da Estrela (Star Mountain) at some 1000 meters above the sea level. He has been releasing music under the name Kubik (2 albums) as well as in many other projects. “Oblique Musique” and “Metamorphosia” albums recorded as Kubik showed up a musician deeply inspired by cinema and also by a great variety of music, from eastern europe folk to contemporary drum’n’bass. This alloy allowed Kubik to develop a very personalized and surrealistic sound, which defies the listener imagination with a wave of references sequenced in a way that take shape in the form of musical pieces. “Infinite Territory” is his new release. It is a departure from earlier works, because here Victor Afonso decided to explore electronic music more close to the IDM genre. It is obvious from “Infinite Territory” that musicians like Amon Tobin or Aphex Twin play an important role as sources of inspiration. This EP is very well balanced between ambient soundscapes and bursts of drill’n’bass, showing Kubik at the maximum of his skills and inspiration. From phantasmagorical pieces like “Bona Fide”, to kinetically unstable tracks like “Infernis”, “Plus Ultra” and the surrealistic “Non Hilum” (perhaps the track more related with his previous works), Kubik shows up his personal view of what electronic music (or IDM) can be, with a great capability to create images in the mind of the listener, rather than being purely another kind of dance music. “Infinite Territory” is therefore a kind of a soundtrack of a lost science-fiction movie, lost in the outskirts of the galaxy (or, more precisely, of the mind), exploring lost territories and lost spirals that liewithin the more pristine forces of nature.

PS: o texto foi escrito em inglês para a Test Tube. Podem sacar o álbum aqui.

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